Barry's Top Technical Tips

Road or Racing, slick or treaded they must be pressured correctly as incorrect pressure can causes damage to the tyre carcase resulting in loss of handling, tyre degradation and or blow-outs.

"It's a myth" - Whatever tyre you are using on the track, ‘swerving from side to side’ will NOT warm the tyres.

Yes they do it in Formula 1 cars - but thier tyres have been preheated along with the wheels and they are merely looking to try and keep them at a set temperature. It also allows the driver to get a feel for the level of grip available.

Understating the principles of the set will help you drive your vehicle at maximum corner speed.
Whilst anyone can adjust positive/negative camber, toe in /toe out, Ackerman, caster, ride height and spring rates, having a ‘professional’ set-up on your car will pay dividends by reducing your lap times.

Any vehicle going on a track should be running an upgraded brake system, this includes Hoses, Fluids and Pads which should be of a harder compound.
In addition you could consider fitting an adjustable brake balance system which allows you to make front and rear adjustments at trackside.

Engines, transmission and Axles should always be running good quality and FRESH oils and using the appropriate additives can increase the life expectancy of components.

LSD (Limited slip differential)
The replacement of the LSD should be done in conjunction with uprated drive-shafts and bearings.
Front wheel drive cars have a special diff which can also be used on the road.

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