Track side training

Driver awareness:  ‘How much is your life worth?

Track attire
If you are going to race or take part in track days then it is ESSENTIAL to wear the correct Helmet, Balaclava Gloves, Boots and Overalls. Each has a specific protection job to do and could just save your life. 

Seating and Safety harness
9 out of 10 club and national drivers are seated incorrectly, which not only costs them time but can be dangerous. 

The most important thing is to be held tight in your seat.
1. Your lap and crutch straps to be tight.
2. Your shoulder straps should be tight enough so to allow you to push your hand under the straps easily.

To adjust your seating position, check you can engage 1st, 5th and reverse gears, check you can operate all switches, e.g. wipers etc., and that you can effectively apply the hand over wrist procedure. 

Track Awareness
Taking your vehicle on a track is dangerous – but by abiding to the rules of track conduct, many dangers can be avoided.

Safety briefings
Always attend driver briefings, they may contain important information about track surface conditions or other drivers.

Passing points
Wether your are a novice Racer or Trackday driver, give the line to more experienced drivers.

Following the 10 Flag disciplines is essential to a well run and 'safe as possible' race.
The most common fault is found with the Starting procedures, so check which procedure is in place with the starting marshalls. Getting it wrong can cause a collision before you are off the start line. 

Following the above will increase your lap time by approximately 1 second.

Car awareness.

To avoid breaking your car DRIVE WITH IN YOUR LIMITS.

Testing is the best way to understand a cars characteristics. i.e. Understanding;
  • Feed-back through the steering wheel known as under-steer, over-steer, and push-on.
  • Traction
  • Braking
  • Balance of the car.
  • Instrument understating.

Understanding these principles will give you a good and enjoyable lap, while practice and training will knock 10ths off your times.

If you want to understand more about these topics, then contact me to arrange a consultation.